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What price progress?

Human history is full of inventions. It starts back from the Dark Age, where humans first learned how to make fire and then began making the first tools to make their daily tasks easier. This pack will spark a discussion in the...

An open book filled with thrilling adventures as airplanes soar through the sky.

Reading Adventures

Explore how to make reading an adventure, linking the curriculum and information books, to help engage reluctant readers and develop a love of reading and learning....

A group of people standing on the tracks next to a train passing through Poplar.

Tracks Through Poplar

Taking the train and railways in East London as a starting point – Global Learning London with teachers and children in Poplar – created an innovative online resource based around a 150-year-old steam locomotive ‘Poplar’....

A portrait of a black woman standing amidst a room full of items.

A Portrait of Black Artists

Books which focus on inspiring black icons that will be ideal for your primary school library (with a special focus on activist artist Faith Ringgold), selected by Sharon Walsh from Westminster SLS....

Two young girls captured in a black and white photograph.

Two Girls, Two Diaries, Two Wars

Two girls who lived through two frightening wars, 80 years apart.  Both wrote diaries describing their experiences. Both entries start with a birthday. One ends tragically, the other with sanctuary....

A collection of powerful children's books on a vibrant yellow background brimming with poetic beauty.

Unleash the power of poetry

Encourage your students to write their own poems by sharing advice and inspiration from Joseph Coelho, author of My Beautiful Voice, and Michael Rosen suggests Nina Simon from Redbridge SLS....


Around the world with maps and compasses

In times of driverless cars and GPS (Global Positioning System) are traditional devices for orientation in the field, such as a map and compass, tools of the past? The short answer is not yet, writes Wanda Gajewski from Wandsworth LRS....

A beautiful joker, Elmer, presents a colorful painting of an elephant adorned with vibrant squares.

Elmer: beautiful joker offering big life lessons

Pat ElliottWestminster SLS Librarian’s view: I work with London school children as both a librarian and heritage educator, and regularly meet pupils with special needs as well as those from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. It n...

The very big book lessons.

Big book lessons

Why big books? There is something amazing about big book versions of good children’s books. The large print and bright and colourful illustrations appeal are a sure hook into their content and draw readers into a story and are easy for...

Sls schools library services logo enquire.

Future of Primary School Libraries

The future of primary school libraries report, published today by the National Literacy Trust and partners provides a welcome focus on an essential part of primary school life for children....

A literature collection highlighting children's books about World War Two (WWII).

World War Two literature

Laura Bennett from Tower Hamlets SLS looks at classic World War Two literature and an impressive collection of newer titles that will spark debate and conversation....

A collection of children's books featuring a horse on the cover that educates about refugees.

We Are Refugees

At a time when desperate people fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan is still headline news, it is pertinent to look at the issue of young refugees coming to England and how they are accepted at school writes Nina Simon from Redbridge SLS....

A young boy is smiling in front of a group of books, challenging gender norms.

Challenging Gender Norms

With diversity the new laser focus in schools up and down the country, it’s not a surprise that people are starting to question the unconscious gender bias that can be found in texts....

A cell phone with a shark on it.

Click Safe

How picture books help children learn about E-safety by Head of Tower Hamlets Library Service, Gillian Harris, MBE....

Four alternative fairy tales books on a black background.

Alternative Fairy Tales

Alternative versions of fairy tales can help children understand how the stories came to be told, how they are passed down through generations and how they change over time....

A girl clicking a cell phone in front of emojis.

Click With Care

This fantastic pack features all the resources which you could need to raise the awareness among KS2 pupils about online risks, safety and behaviour. It will provide interesting topics for discussions about being online and e-safety....

The best little books for babies and toddlers and preschoolers.

Are Babies Too Little for Books?

It is never too early to give a child a book. They don’t even need to be able to sit up. Prop them on your knee and as soon as their eyes begin to focus, babies will look at a picture with interest. Helen Oxenbury’s board books, All...


Saying Goodbye

With carefully chosen literature about loss and grief, in particular the much-loved picture book Badger’s parting gift, you can start a discussion that explores the cycle of life and enables you to craft lasting memories with children....