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What price progress?


Human history is full of inventions. It starts back from the Dark Age, where humans first learned how to make fire and then began making the first tools to make their daily tasks easier. This pack will spark a discussion in the classroom and encourage your pupils to talk about the greatest inventions that have changed our lives writes Wanda Gajewski from Wandsworth LRS (Learning Resources Service). It should also inspire children to talk about what those inventors may have missed.

The very hungry caterpillar picture books.

Picture books for maths


This article by Wanda Gajewski from Wandsworth SLS contains some ideas how to teach young children mathematics. 

A girl clicking a cell phone in front of emojis.

Click With Care


This fantastic pack features all the resources which you could need to raise the awareness among KS2 pupils about online risks, safety and behaviour. It will provide interesting topics for discussions about being online and e-safety.

A **cartoon earth** passionately holds a sign that boldly states "**No more plastic**," spreading an urgent message about the detrimental effects of this harmful material. This captivating image not only raises awareness but

Not So Fantastic Plastic


This article by Nina Simon explores pointers about what your class can do together to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet.