A group of people standing on the tracks next to a train passing through Poplar.

Tracks Through Poplar

Gillian HarrisCross-curriculum

Taking the train and railways in East London as a starting point – Global Learning London with teachers and children in Poplar – created an innovative online resource based around a 150-year-old steam locomotive ‘Poplar’.

The very big book lessons.

Big book lessons

SLS UKCross-curriculum

Why big books? There is something amazing about big book versions of good children’s books. The large print and bright and colourful illustrations appeal are a sure hook into their content and draw readers into a story and are easy for a narrator to handle.

A hands-on history experience featuring an Egyptian pharaoh statue with a child standing in front.

Hands-on History

SLS UKCross-curriculum

This post from Wanda Gajewski, Wandsworth SLS focuses on ways teachers can use objects for effective classroom teaching.