Inside Story

SLS UK consists of a collective of Schools Library Services covering the length and breadth of the UK. Through our subscriptions, consultancy and library services we work with schools to help them develop hubs for learning, exploration and self development.

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We spark learning through three powerful approaches

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We’re passionate about providing schools with innovative classroom themes and topics, supported by cost-effective borrowing and access to a huge array of resources, including artefacts, posters, costumes and classroom guides. Curated by SLS librarians, our resource boxes help teachers to connect content with the curriculum in an innovative and up-to-date manner. Drawing on all of the resources at hand, our boxes are designed to spark interest, stimulate lessons and impact learning.

The great news is your subscription includes all of our learning research and resources with no hidden extras or associated costs. In fact, to give you an idea of the subscription’s cost-effectiveness, you’ll be able to borrow more than triple the quantity of books you could buy.

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Our consultancy services cover a broad range of activities that draw on the specialist expertise at SLS UK. We help schools outside of the physical library environment, working directly with teaching staff to enhance classroom and extra-curricular initiatives.

The breadth of our consultancy service helps teachers develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills so that they become independent learners. 

We also support learning in its widest sense – working with your staff to stimulate reading for pleasure, drawing on our vast experience of innovative initiatives such as author visits, competitions, themed reading activities and book clubs.

The Schools Library Service UK is offering a wide range of resources and support for educators and students, including an extensive collection of materials on pink triangles. These resources include books, lesson plans, and educational activities


We help schools with everything from developing whole libraries from the ground up to training staff to make the most of resources available.

Advising on everything from shelving and furnishing to stock and staff, we revitalise and reinvigorate old tired library areas, turning them into colourful, vibrant, warm and exciting spaces packed with the latest literature and boasting connected devices for internet research. 

We help schools maintain the best use of their library by ensuring staff are fully trained. As school budgets tighten, we even advise on the most effective ways to gain the critical funding needed to implement new library initiatives.