Join Elizabeth Hutchinson in this webinar as she explores curriculum and collaboration in schools, focusing on how librarians create change. Elizabeth is a renowned expert in the field, with years of experience and knowledge to share

Webinar: Elizabeth Hutchinson

SLS UKWebinar

This webinar will look at how collaboration between teachers and school libraries can further the aims of the school and ensure it becomes an integral part of the education process. We will look at ways teachers can work with libraries through inquiry and research skills as well as literacy and reading promotion to bring the school library into the heart of the curriculum.

Attend the "People, Plan and Rise" Webinar featuring Sharna Jackson, designed to engage readers.

Webinar: Sharna Jackson

SLS UKWebinar

Sharna will explore how she uses intrigue to engage readers. For the start of 2022 this webinar is open to everyone (members and non-members).

Exploring black history storytelling through an outside perspective.

Webinar: Catherine Johnson

SLS UKWebinar

Writer, novelist, author and screenwriter – Catherine Johnson is passionate about telling stories of the people you don’t often see in regular history.

Tom Palmer's webinar sparks enthusiasm in getting boys into reading from an author's perspective.

Webinar: Tom Palmer

SLS UKWebinar

Tom has travelled around the world to train librarians and teachers in techniques to encourage boys to read. Join this webinar to hear his insights.

Sufiya Ahmed webinar

Webinar: Sufiya Ahmed

SLS UKWebinar

Children’s author, Sufiya Ahmed, explores stories from Britain’s past that help create a more inclusive classroom.

Alia Alzougbi presents an expert perspective on anti-racism in storytelling through an engaging webinar.

Webinar: Alia Alzougbi

SLS UKWebinar

Radical storyteller and industry expert, Alia Alzougbi, will share her advice on on shaping what stories we bring into schools.