Webinar: Catherine Johnson

SLS UK Webinar

Writer, novelist, author and screenwriter – Catherine Johnson is passionate about telling stories of the people you don’t often see in regular history.

Tom Palmer webinar

Webinar: Tom Palmer

SLS UK Webinar

Tom has travelled around the world to train librarians and teachers in techniques to encourage boys to read. Join this webinar to hear his insights.

Sufiya Ahmed webinar

Webinar: Sufiya Ahmed

SLS UK Webinar

Children’s author, Sufiya Ahmed, explores stories from Britain’s past that help create a more inclusive classroom.

alia Alzougbi webinar

Webinar: Alia Alzougbi

SLS UK Webinar

Radical storyteller and industry expert, Alia Alzougbi, will share her advice on on shaping what stories we bring into schools.

Imogen Russell Williams

Webinar: Imogen Russell Williams

SLS UK Webinar

Children’s book critic for The Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian and The Metro, Imogen Williams Russell, will share her insights on what welcomes young readers into factual books, and what pushes them away.

ANNIE ROBINSON reading well webinar

Webinar: Annie Robinson

SLS UK Webinar

Discover the background to and research behind the Reading Agency’s “Reading Well” collection of books about mental health for children and young people.