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Teachers Perspective: Why we buy a subscription service

SLS UKInterview

This short film explores how and why Teachers and Head Teachers are buying a SLS UK learning resources subscription from Wandsworth Council. Discover how they evaluate the impact of the learning resources and what it adds to the overall learning experience.

Jane Bunn

Ronald Ross Primary School

“It’s really important to belong to a service like the LRS because class books are so expensive now. We really believe every child should be reading from their own copy. The librarians will send me a selection. I’ll take what I like and send the rest back. That’s really important, and it’s so easy. All you need to know is what you want to teach and ask their advice, and they’ll send it out to you. Every item comes with some notes on it, so you’re not left fumbling thinking, “What is that?” Every item comes with some background knowledge, so it’s really easy for everyone to use.

As a professional, there’s no doubt that having the Learning Resource Center available to us is a great help. With our teaching hours already absolutely at the limit, we are not having to scurry around trying to find artifacts and books and class sets, which our budget wouldn’t necessarily allow us to do.”

Araby McClintoc

Ronald Ross Primary School

“The main benefits really are that the resource service they send not only just books, they send you interactive dress-up, artifacts, items. Artifacts which the children can really feel, touch and understand. The school wouldn’t be able to buy all of these resources, but by using the resource center, we’re able to borrow them and then send them back so that other schools can also use them. Therefore, the children do have access to these items, which really brings their learning to life. Having access to the Wandsworth Learning Resource Center is really, really helpful. It has really enabled my teaching, and it has really helped me make my teaching much more exciting and creative.”

Steph Neale
Former Head Teacher

Beatrix Potter School

“The offer is very much if we want something to do with whether it be Power of Reading, a set of books, toys, for example, Victorian toys, we can literally put down what we want, and they will do their best to actually put that together and send it to school. I have to say, we’ve got to know Wanda at the service, and she is so helpful. If it’s something they can’t provide, they will go out of their way to look for it and do what they can.

The teachers value the learning resources immensely because they can bring to life the curriculum they’re working on. In particular, I have to say, the Power of Reading, where you get a whole set of books, absolutely brilliant. We couldn’t afford 15, 30 books, so that provides an invaluable service.

To watch the kids’ faces when they can see something brought to life is immeasurable.”

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