Matt Dickinson standing on top of Everest, conquering the reading challenge with mountains in the background.

Matt Dickinson: Everest reading challenge

SLS UKInterview

Author, film maker, lecturer Matt Dickinson loves squirrels and libraries. Here he shares tips on using adventure – and in particular climbing Everest, the world’s highest mountain – to help students learn to love reading.

Four pictures of a library, showcasing shelves filled with books.

Eileen Armstrong: Angel of the North East

SLS UKInterview

Even working as a librarian at a busy school can be a surprisingly lonely professional experience. Alongside career highlights here’s how Eileen Armstrong, librarian at a large secondary school in Northumberland, uses SLS to save money and keep her two libraries stocked and up-to-date.

A collage of photos capturing people in various places as they embark on a new chapter, forming a towering force of visual storytelling.

Gillian Harris: A new chapter for a towering force

SLS UKInterview

Thinking like a librarian is second nature for Gillian Harris from Tower Hamlets SLS. As she’s due to retire in autumn 2023 we asked for the standout moments helping the right books and collections get to children, and the adults who support them. Interview by Nicola Baird.

Nina Simon: The Coronation, the King and Me

SLS UKInterview

It was just another workday, when an email popped into my inbox from ‘Honours Mailbox’ inviting me to the King’s Coronation.  My first reaction was “is this a scam’? On confirming its authenticity, my next thought was “why me?’  

Global Storyteller Francis Gerard's beloved cartoon characters have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Francis Gerard: The Global Storyteller

SLS UKInterview

Author, film maker, museum creator and raconteur Francis Gerard has definitely lived an “adventurous life”. Here he shares his love of books, Chinese culture, the San bushmen of South Africa and sci-fi.