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Knowing how to best develop your school library is often more important than selecting a service. This is why we have launched two new services, each giving you access to our expertise.

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Book an online meeting with an expert

An invaluable consultation from a specialist Schools Service librarian will give your personalised insights and ideas. All our expert advisers have an extensive track record advising schools on how to make the best use of a library or library service.

Topics that can be covered include:

  • Enhancing classroom learning
  • Stimulating reading for pleasure
  • Knowledge, understanding and skills for independent learning
  • Extra-curricular initiatives
  • Author visits, competitions, themed reading activities and book clubs

£95 (one hour online consultation)

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Online Information Skills

There are 63,000 search enquiries entered into Google every second! But what does this mean for pupils increasingly relying on and being influenced by information available online?

#FakeNews #MyTruth #Influencers

How we equip pupils to navigate the internet as an information source is key to our work as librarians. This interactive online training session will give you the tools to help coach and equip children and young people in your school.

Topics covered:

  • Search engines and the social web - how they work, algorithms, advertising
  • What is ‘truth’?
  • Some things that obscure the truth
  • Lateral reading and other basic skills
  • Evaluating what you’re sharing
  • Fake news
  • The importance of context
  • Psychological effects of social media

£55 (two hour online training class)

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