Running a Book Club

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A look at how book clubs can support book awards by Diane Scarborough from Lancashire School Library Service. Tips include how to encourage students to get involved and how to structure sessions as well as useful voting criteria.

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Building a Brilliant School Library on a Budget

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Nina SimonRedbridge SLS Librarian’s view: Over the years I have been into many schools to organise and update their primary school libraries.  All too often the teacher given the responsibility for the library often feels overwhelmed: they don’t have the time, nor do they know where to start. This is where Schools Library Services (SLS) can help. We come into school, take the pressure off busy teachers and work our magic to transform the space into a welcoming library.  Since I started working at Redbridge SLS, I have been invited into many schools to re-organise their libraries. Some have …

A group of children are posing in front of a display of items as part of their Real World Learning class work.

Class Work: Real World Learning

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A look at how experiences outside the classroom can invigorate learning inside the classroom by Lisa Little who works for SLS’s partner, Durham Learning Resources