Connecting the dots between content and the curriculum. Our advice series offers a glimpse on what talent you can access from School Library Service team member.

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An eye-catching display of books and hats arranged neatly on a table.

Box Clever

School Library Services across the UK provide excellent, tailor-made topic collections support school projects. Our topic boxes help teachers with their planning and delivery of the National Curriculum within a framework which is both...

A day in the life of a librarian.

A day in the life of a librarian

A librarian can bring many extra benefits to your school, helping teachers prepare and students unlock their love of stories and learning. Here librarian Laura Bennett, from Tower Hamlets SLS, discusses the plethora of ways she’s used...

An open book filled with thrilling adventures as airplanes soar through the sky.

Reading Adventures

Explore how to make reading an adventure, linking the curriculum and information books, to help engage reluctant readers and develop a love of reading and learning....


Running a Book Club

A look at how book clubs can support book awards by Diane Scarborough from Lancashire School Library Service. Tips include how to encourage students to get involved and how to structure sessions as well as useful voting criteria....