Beyond The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

SLS UK Young Adult Fiction

Anyone reading usually believes that what they read has a background of truth, even if the characters are fiction, says Nina Simon. Here she looks at the many faults with The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and suggests some books that better reflect historical facts about children’s experience of the Holocaust.

Diversifying the Teaching of Space Exploration at KS1 and KS2

SLS UK Science

The books selected by Gillian Harris will ensure children can celebrate the achievements of men and women from different backgrounds and nationalities, find role models they can identify with and be inspired by their successes when choosing a career of their own.

Are Babies Too Little for Books?

SLS UK Reading

It is never too early to give a child a book. They don’t even need to be able to sit up. Prop them on your knee and as soon as their eyes begin to focus, babies will look at a picture with interest. Helen Oxenbury’s board books, All Fall Down and Tickle Tickle, are great starters but there are many other good first books out there that children love.