We are on a mission to make sure every school who wants to access the services of an SLS is able to have the option.

And that every school in the UK understands the unique benefits of School Library Services.



Every new partner that joins the campaign makes it more affordable for all.
It's an economy of scale.


Based on interest to date, we are expecting the annual fee for joining
the 2022-23  Campaign to be between £1,000-1,500.

Fees are invoiced at the start of each term to spread the cost over the whole school year. 
We also have options available for SLS Providers who want to contribute but can't afford this fee.


SLS Campaign Partner

SLS Provider

Referrals  (Local Authority region)

Collective Awareness Raising

Elected Referrals (UK Map)


Partner Credits (Content + Social Media)


Partner Training + Resources


Social Media Shares (occasional)


Opportunities for Additional Earning


Promoting Training Opportunities


What we ask from partners

  1. Supply one article per term (edited by West Creative)
  2. Suggest a person to be interviewed or speak at a webinar
  3. Attend six partner meetings 
  4. Share and distribute campaign content online and in person

Support we offer in return

  1. Online training 'how to write content that gets noticed'
  2. Content ideas via Padlet.com 
  3. Analysis of campaign insights - what works & why
  4. Adhoc insights and advice from West Creative and Partners

Watch Presentation

Download Presentation

SLS Hampshire's Perspective

SLS Durham's Perspective

SLS Wirral's Perspective


Deadline 12 August 2022

For now, we just need to know who is interested in joining the campaign.
Please help us know by filling in your details below.

All registered partners will be contacted by 19 August outlining the exact price,
with final confirmation required by 26 August 2022.