Diversifying the Teaching of Space Exploration at KS1 and KS2

SLS UK Science

The books selected by Gillian Harris will ensure children can celebrate the achievements of men and women from different backgrounds and nationalities, find role models they can identify with and be inspired by their successes when choosing a career of their own.

Are Babies Too Little for Books?

SLS UK Reading

It is never too early to give a child a book. They don’t even need to be able to sit up. Prop them on your knee and as soon as their eyes begin to focus, babies will look at a picture with interest. Helen Oxenbury’s board books, All Fall Down and Tickle Tickle, are great starters but there are many other good first books out there that children love.

How Far has Your Food Travelled Today?

SLS UK Cross-curriculum

All over the world, people are working to protect our planet in new and exciting ways. Spark classroom curiosity about the 4,500 Fairtrade mark products being sold in the UK. Inspired by the ‘Fair Trade’ text by Jillian Powell, the pack provides structured activities, from debating on food miles to making fruit ice cream sundae using Fairtrade ingredients. These classroom activities will not only keep your class engaged but they have the potential to encourage the pupils to grow their own vegetables and fruit.