A Portrait of Black Artists

SLS UK Creativity

Books which focus on inspiring black icons that will be ideal for your primary school library (with a special focus on activist artist Faith Ringgold), selected by Sharon Walsh from Westminster SLS.

St Mary’s Primary School: Shelf Life

SLS UK Interview

When Year 6s from St Mary’s Primary school asked for a library where they could relax and enjoy books, Deputy Head Amanda Bishop sought advice from Wandsworth Learning Resources Service. Amanda and librarian J Lythgoe meet to discuss the project.

Webinar: Lisa Heathfield

SLS UK Webinar

Award winning author, former secondary school teacher and mother to three sons – Lisa has first-hand experience of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Unlocking the Potential of AI-Assisted Teaching with a Chatbot

SLS UK Advice

ChatGPT, powered by artificial intelligence, is a chatbot which takes human-computer interaction to a whole new level.  It was released for public use in early December and grew to over 1 million users in 5 days. The system responds to human input in an incredibly sophisticated way.