Elmer: beautiful joker offering big life lessons


Pat ElliottWestminster SLS Librarian’s view: I work with London school children as both a librarian and heritage educator, and regularly meet pupils with special needs as well as those from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. It never ceases to amaze me how very young children unquestionably accept and accommodate the differences they perceive in those around them; but the growing child is influenced by the mindsets of those they encounter. Picture books, like Elmer, which explore positive attitudes and friendship, can become a valuable tool for encouraging discussion with young children about the importance of embracing and celebrating our …

Promoting Peace and Resilience in Times of Conflict


Coverage about Ukraine is everywhere for children to hear and pick up; TV and news programmes, parents and carers discussing at the school gate. Abby Buntonsuggests the best ways to use books to develop your children’s resilience.

Picture books for maths


This article by Wanda Gajewski from Wandsworth SLS contains some ideas how to teach young children mathematics. 

Victoria Williamson: Lessons from The Ugly Duckling

SLS UK Interview

Long stints working teaching with Voluntary Service Overseas, and a travel habit, have inspired Scottish teacher and author Victoria Williamson’s strangely magical adventures which show readers how it feels to be someone else, ranging from a refugee to someone with ADHD.

Big book lessons

SLS UK Cross-curriculum

Why big books? There is something amazing about big book versions of good children’s books. The large print and bright and colourful illustrations appeal are a sure hook into their content and draw readers into a story and are easy for a narrator to handle.