Nina Simon: The Coronation, the King and Me

SLS UK History, Interview

It was just another workday, when an email popped into my inbox from ‘Honours Mailbox’ inviting me to the King’s Coronation.  My first reaction was “is this a scam’? On confirming its authenticity, my next thought was “why me?’  

Classification for nerds

SLS UK Advice

How a little bit of understanding about the classification scheme in your library can help children find the books they want.

Francis Gerard: The Global Storyteller

SLS UK Interview

Author, film maker, museum creator and raconteur Francis Gerard has definitely lived an “adventurous life”. Here he shares his love of books, Chinese culture, the San bushmen of South Africa and sci-fi.

A Portrait of Black Artists

SLS UK Creativity

Books which focus on inspiring black icons that will be ideal for your primary school library (with a special focus on activist artist Faith Ringgold), selected by Sharon Walsh from Westminster SLS.